Interior & Exterior Installation

  • Free estimates or consults
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Remodel
  • Appliance sales, service & repair

Residential & Commercial Propane Delivery

  • Automatically scheduled deliveries “Keep Full” Program
  • Customer requested deliveries “Will Call” Program
  • Budget payment plans

24 Hour Emergency On call Service

  • Smelling gas or potential leaks
  • Out of Propane delivery request
    • Will Call customers will be charged emergency service fee
    • Keep Full customers no additional fees
  • Urgent appliance repair
  • After hours labor charges may apply for emergency service calls

Where Can I Get My Cylinder Filled? 

  • Hanks Mini Mart 410 E Methow Valley Hwy, Twisp, WA 98856 (509) 997-4332 MAP
  • Pardners Mini Market 900 S Highway 20, Winthrop (509) 996-2005 MAP
  • The Carlton Store 2256 Hwy 153, Carlton, WA 98814 (509) 997-9022 MAP
  • Winthrop Ace Hardware 920 Highway 20, Winthrop (509) 996-2150 MAP

CETP Certified Gas Inspections

The Certified Employee Training Program, or CETP (pronounced “SEE-tep”) is a formal structure for training, testing and documentation to assure that workers in the propane industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work safely and effectively.  Properly trained and educated employees, customers and end-users mean a healthier organization and a safer environment.  Employee training is mandated by DOT, NFPA and other groups and it makes good sense.  

All of our propane employees are CETP certified and maintain their certification with updated safety training. What this mean to you, is that they can apply their training and skills to make sure your propane system is safe for your family and property.